A few questions

A few questions

Pages: Von Jankmon Lieutenant Posts: Everyone is entitled to my opinions. Quote from: sillybrit on 11 April , COVID infection rates will increase. Peak infection for most western countries will be April-June. Please prepare NOW, buy tins, powdered milk and dried stores as priority while risk of exposure is relatively low. You do not want to have no choice but to expose yourself by shopping during peak virus. The 77mm seemed like barely an upgrade over my useful 75mm on the Cromwell and my armor etc still seemed sub par. Should I have used it like a medium scout and ignored using the gun? My Cromwell was often a hunter or even a brawler tank due to it’s amazing speed, responsiveness and decent penning gun but I somehow doubt that the Comet can be as successful against tier IX’s

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View Full Version : World of Tanks. And I bought an E This TD can be ridiculously fun. Incidentally, any equipment thoughts on the AC 46? Rammer and GLD are musts. For the third slot, probably vents.

pz b2 weak spots.

The Stalingrad map is very familiar to our pilots. Now tankers too will be able to do battle on the winter version of this map in an upcoming update. The map is based on real photographs of the Stalingrad tractor plant district, taken during the bloody battles for the city. Tank production continued until the conflict moved into the grounds of the plant itself. Before then, practically all the buildings had already been destroyed and tank components were not being delivered, but the workers created armoured vehicles by producing the missing parts on their own.

The ground combat part of the map is fairly large — 16 square kilometers. Whilst the other British ground vehicles, including the regular versions of most of these, are in development, these four premium tanks will be the first vehicles available in the store for the true fans of British ground forces. This legendary vehicle will join rank IV of the Soviet light tanks line. Though the tank is protected only by thin bullet-proof armour, its maneuverability, low profile and rapid firing gun will allow this machine to stand against the most dangerous of enemies.

Anticipating most popular question — will it be amphibious? Not at the start, but it is possible in the future.

How is this fun?

Cubivore , Posted on 13 February 16 at The KV-1 is an exceptionally well-armored tank. Unless you have a shot on the back of it, it is nearly impossible to penetrate one. It also has a howitzer which can and will easily dispatch of anyone shooting at it.

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Source: PointyHairedJedi. I am convinced this game has the server population to work even with 0 mm with below 1 min. Their business model lies on making people suffering hardcore in some tiers. Tier 4 and tier 7 are those tiers where some of the tanks are really bad at even penetrating high tiers when playing bottom tier role, and some of them is really tricky to play with good effect. So a large part of the players tends to use premium ammo, which dries their credit account quickly.

Then they are forced to do something expensive, either buy premium time, buy a strong premium vehicle to farm credits, buy premium ammo for real money or buy free xp from other tanks to skip those stinkers. They can alternetively suffer through battles — in a newbie state, closer to — in a useless, or at least hard to master tank like an M3 Lee, a B1, a duck, an A or a pz38na.

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This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players. Purple means there is no hit box shells pass through or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there. This is due to the angle of some pieces and also the location of these pieces either very high on the tank or very low.

Under Cons, it says, No limited matchmaking, despite being inferior to the Pz.​Kpfw. B2 (f) in almost every The PzS35 has standard MM.

It is a premium tank in wot pc. The Blitz Post There are 66 tanks that will become Collector including a lot of tech tree tanks from tier and a few premiums from tier You might be able to sell all tech tree tanks in 5. Tier 3 Tier Tier Tier Tier Only KV13 is the tier 7 in this list You can sell your tier premiums at following rates gold combined. Tech tree tanks from tier that will become Collector and can be sold for sold in 5.

Tier 5 gold each gold total Sherman V Pz. Sflc VK If you have all these tanks in your garage and sell each one of them , you will get over gold. This tank is a premium medium tank in wot pc. So it will likely be a premium in blitz as well. Every tank gets 2 mods which cannot be customized.

Tier 3 Matchmaking is Amazing!

Jump to content. Hi, as u all know the Pz. S35 German tier 3 Light tank came out today with the new update and I’m really thinking of buying it! Overall stats are better than t as armor is same really but gun is much better in every way, only speed is a bit lower but traverse is awesome! The armour is strong for Tier III, it’s reasonably fast, and the gun quite effective.

But, the Pz.

The PZs35 is a great little t3 prem for example, as is the t – both very and with a relatively good gun. and it would be matchmaking you are.

Jump to content. When calling out a direction on the map I think I know how to do it. If you have more mediums you tell the team to go the medium path and vice versa for heavy advantage. MuCeffy, on 19 October – PM, said:. Any time for direction callouts? I heard it was good for its tier. However, a good team can beat the reds any day, as long as they’re incompetent enough. I don’t know about the S However, it was one of the best tank designs of the inter-war period, I’ll give you that.

It offered a great blend of firepower, mobility and armor for its era. Giving time is giving away part of your life that you’ll never get back.

World of Tanks – Ask about invite codes BEFORE signing up!

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 2. The Pz. S35 f is a German tier 3 premium medium tank. Some of of these French tanks were captured by the German Army. They were later used for training purposes and on secondary fronts.

PzS35 – Devs are more concentrated on improving matchmaking, fixing “​lost shells”, improving visualization of penetration zones instead and fixing all.

Jump to content. So I just started playing this game last year and I am hooked. I have been feeling much more comfortable lately so I decided to move up to tier 3 a few months ago. The light tanks are amazingly fun to play at this tier! I have just started experimenting with tier 4s and beyond , but I feel like the game is ruined by the matchmaking when you start to see tanks that are 2 tiers higher than you.

I know that this is not a new topic on this forum, but I haven’t ever seen a logical explanation. For me, the game falls apart when you are playing tier 4 and start seeing tier 6s. It takes the fun out of it because your ability to influence the outcome of a game is drastically reduced. The outcome becomes much more dependent on the performance of the higher tiered players. My hunch is that it has to do with money. I understand that Wargaming is a business and needs to make money. I can’t imagine their expenses to develop the game and maintain it.

Update 1.

WORLD OF TANKS – S2 E2 – Damn you matchmaking!

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